Assume the Damn Sale

Unless your product sucks people want to buy it. The idea that if you come into a conversation assuming the sale you are “playing hardball” or “going in for the kill” drive me up a wall. Why the hell would we be having a conversation with a prospect if they weren’t either A) Mildly Interested or B) A damn good fit for our product (in the case of a cold-call).


In my humble opinion if, in the sales conversations you are having with a prospect, it feels like you are trying to convince them of something it is not going to end well. You need to bleed confidence in your product. These people are coming to you because you offer the solution to their problem. They need what it is that you have, and all you are doing is making sure your product delivers. There is nothing sleazy, nothing unethical about this practice. Your confidence is transferrable, and when the prospect feels that they are infinitely more likely to move forward.


Assume the damn sale!


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